Excerpts Courtesy of Des Plaines Journal

Thank You for Myoblast Transfer Treatments

 In the past 10 years, Law said that he's worked with over 230 cases and out of those cases, 75% of the families reported that the treatment has helped them. According to Law, in scientific trials, which involves tests of muscle function and cell structure analysis, more than 95% of the cases showed improvement. Law said that he presented these statistics to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

 Although Law cannot offer any guarantees, people who have received the exact same procedure that Paul hopes to receive, and their family members, say the procedure has truly improved their quality of life.

Nicholas Page

 "There's no question that it has helped my son," said David Page. David's son, Nicholas, 18, is suffering with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy just like Paul. When he was between the ages of 14-16, he received three myoblast transplants and Mr. Page said that his son has more muscle movement, can move his hands easier and breathes better after the procedure. Ever since the FDA did not allow the procedure to take place in the United States, due to failure to meet certain FDA regulations, Page said that his son has been doing worse without the transplants.

 "We're certainly behind Dr. Law," said Page. Page and his family left the United Kingdom to come to the United States, in order to receive Dr. Law's treatment.

 "As parents, we know our children better than the doctors," said Page. "I am pretty sure my son will live longer."

Diana Lynn

 "Would I have done this again? Yes. In a minute," said Diana Lynn, who is suffering from Limbgirdel Muscular Dystrophy.

 "It gave me more energy," said Lynn. "I was really going down hill."

 According to Lynn, before the procedure, all she wanted to do was sleep. Afterward, however, "the little things" improved for her. For example, she can now put away her dishes and cook easier.

 "I know each time they do it, they improve it a little bit more," said Lynn, referring to the procedure. As for Law, she said that "he's very knowledgeable."

David Plemmons

 "He wants to do it again," said Karis Plemmons, the wife of David Plemmons, who is suffering from Beckers Muscular Dystrophy.

"He gained 30% of his strength back," she said. "He's been doing really well. It's well worth it."

 According to Karis, David can now take 70 steps with assistance, which is more than he's ever taken before the procedure. In addition, he now can roll on his back in bed, instead of having to remain on his side.

An 18-year-old boy from Poland

Another success story is from an 18-year-old boy suffering from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in Poland who had the procedure done this past October and can now stand on his own for a while and make his own breakfast. The Pietrowski family read about the boy in a Polish newspaper and his story gave them a spark of hope.